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Case 5

Impacted Teeth


  • Upper canines (UR3 UL3) were impacted.
  • Upper left canines (UL3) had resorbed (dissolved) the roots of upper left lateral incisor (UL2).
  • Upper and lower first molars (4 teeth) were very hypoplastic (malformed and weakened enamel).
  • Upper second premolars (UR5 UL5) were erupting in the palate.


  • UR3 UL3 surgically exposed and gold chains bonded in order to align.
  • All hypoplastic first molars were extracted.
  • UL2 was also extracted as it too held a poor prognosis.
  • All spaces closed and bite corrected.
  • UL3 was substituted in the position of the extracted UL2.
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