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Case 1

Increased Overbite


  • An adult with exceptionally complex presentation who did not want jaw surgery.
  • Most severe overbite which was traumatic (lower incisors dug into the palate).
  • The overjet (horizontal overlap) was also increased, due to a shorter lower jaw.
  • Heavily restored dentition (many large fillings, crowns and a bridge).
  • A bridge in the upper right quadrant replaced two missing tooth (upper right 4 and 5).
  • 7 missing teeth excluding wisdom teeth
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  • The bite was fully corrected with orthodontics alone and no surgery.
  • A number of additional orthodontic auxiliaries used.
  • Bridge sectioned and space in this area reduced to only replace 1 missing tooth instead of 2.
  • An excellent result obtained.
  • Space localised to only replace 3 missing teeth (instead of 7) with implants.
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